My name is Alp Eren BASER and i’m holding B.A. degree in International Relations from Bilkent University, Ankara and also i’m currently student of  Advanced Master in Strategic Managenemt and Innovation at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

A motivated and committed graduate business student with a proven ability to effectively evaluate, organize and prioritize work within an overall project schedule.
Able to communicate effectively with work colleagues at all levels, including key stakeholders and senior managers, with the ultimate aim of delivering quality and value for money.
Currently looking for a suitable graduate managerial or consultant position with a reputable and forward thinking organization.

However i’m curious and excited on world events, maybe i’m so young but young people shapes the world more than ever.Sometimes you could read news that interpreted by myself but also, especially, i will publish my blueprints, papers and researches are related to international relations like diplomacy, history, environment and energy.
While you are reading my posts and if you feel that there is a confusion or incomplete information; i ensure that your feedbacks are welcome.

Every post is related to different field of research and sometimes just an interpretation, so you should be aware, while giving references for your cites.

These are works and studies that prepared and written by me. Actually, it’s a new beginning for my after graduation career and i hope you will like it!


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