Ethnic Conflict

Great powers of the world and some European countries committed fatal mistakes in the management of ethnic conficts. In the example of Yugoslav War and Rwandan Genocide are the recent example from history. In Rwandan genocide, because of the Belgiums and French are discriminated them in eachother as Hutu and Tutsi; Tutsis are taller than Hutus and there is no difference than each other just a ethnic difference and status differences. That’s why they had killed each other mercilessly. Hutus exterminate the Tutsi’s  Actually, UN seemed as a buffer between them but it was just a “ghost buffer” because hundreds and thousands of innocent people had killed.  “ Constructivists …. Tutsi were also killed.” ( Ch6, 154 ) Any of the European countries or USA did not do anything, because in their eyes; there is no need of intervention and the reason for that is they seemed as a domestic conflict, so it is not their problem. There were no oil and natural resources; Rwanda does not have any strategical importance or there is no economic interests of the rest of the world; so they had abandoned to their fate.

Actually, same situation happened in during the collapse of Former Republic of Yugoslavia. Serbians, Croatians and Muslims had killed each other because of their ethnic differences; but basically they were the same pople of the one country. In fact, these countries were the part of former USSR or other colonial European countries; so they do not have a strong governments and that’s why they were in a conflict in domestic level.  Also, United Nations had intervene in Yugoslavia; maybe the reason for that prevent the Europeans from Communist Russia; they were kind a buffer zone and spare wheel for rest of the Europeans. ( CH6, 163 ) After the collapse of FYR, the war of Bosnia had started and both EU, UN or NATO did not intervene and stopeed war; because they said that they are respectful for the sovereignty of these countries and apparently they had no reason to intervene .

            All these are ethnic conflict and the problems of self-determination of the countries that established new, because of this reason; they need outsiders to solve their problems but at that time; if there is more superpower than one, again there could be again any conflict; so one of them supports side A and the others supports side B. If it happens like that; nobody can solve these problems and we could prevent the world from colonization of one superpower. That’s why I’m supporting bi-polar system; if superpower1 wants to do something without permission of any country; world becomes the playing ground of SuperPower1. On the other hand if there is another SuperPower2, SuperPower1 can not move as easily as before like one. They could balance each other and suppress; so the world becomes more secure and palmy.


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