Turkey’s Energy Sources

Total installed electricity capacity (2010, source: EPDK): 50,422 MW
– Thermal: 64.3%
– Hydroelectric: 32.8%
– Other RES (Geothermal, Wind): 2.9%

Conventional thermal sources continue to dominate the Turkish generation infrastructure. Considerable changes have taken place in recent years in the distribution of the sources used in the electricity sector. Fuel switching in power generation has been significant over the past two decades as coal-fired plants have increasingly been replaced by gas-fired ones.

Total Primary Energy Supply (2009, source: IEA): 98,502 ktoe
Coal and Peat: 30.5%
Coal , Peat: 30.5%
Natural Gas: 29.6%
Crude Oil: 29.8%
Bio-fuels and Waste: 4.8%
Geothermal, Solar, Wind: 2.2%

In 2009, Turkey produced 194 TWh of electricity, and consumed 158 TWh. In Turkey, electricity is mainly produced by thermal power plants, by consuming coal, lignite, natural gas, fuel-oil and geothermal energy, wind energy (recently) and hydropower plants (TEIAS web page, 2008).


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