Import dependency and it’s risks (the geopolitical dimension; Russia, Iran, Iraq, etc. dimensions)

Import dependency and its risks lead an energy security problem for Turkey. It has economical and social risks for Turkey. Coal 41.2%, oil 92.3% and 98% of natural gas; observed dependence on foreign sources. If we look at the overall energy dependence falls to 71.4%. Also from a geo-strategically perspective; our borders covered with most problematic regions in the world. Middle Eastern countries provide most of the oil and gas to the world but, as we knew from history, always in conflict; so it’s risky for the energy security. The other issue is economical, because if we consume more and produces less; our dependency will never decrease and we had to pay more and more to the energy sources. The example of oil is a clear and certain picture for us, Turkish citizens uses world most expensive oil in their cars. Also, energy security problem creates a lack and fear of electricity and natural gas. If Turkey cannot show efficient sensitivity for this issue, one day, all country will be in darkness without any light.


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