A little about sustainable energy and development of energy sources

My recommendations could be and must be on renewable energy sources. Turkey is geographically advantageous land and we could produce an energy from sea; because ¾ of our land surrounded by sea. Also another point could be wind, if Europe and other developed countries could do it around the world, why we cannot? Actually, sustainable solution must be clean, renewable and cheaper but in Turkey’s case, firstly we must care on economical side; we are paying and importing too much for the energy and if we could decrease the dependency and prices, new investments could make for the clean and renewable sources. Primarily, we must use our own national resources, like coal. While we are increasing the use of coal, maybe we could decrease the prices and importance of other resources; so, after a while within a harmony, we could decrease the use of coal instead of clean and renewable energy sources. As an individual and for the individuals, people should use public transport instead of private cars. It will decreases oil consumption and also clean.


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