Handicaps of Democracy!

Democratic procedures are a handicap in foreign policy decision-making process. In fact, for me; democracy are the handicap for the rational and ideal state, because democracy is not based on quality; it’s based on quantity and the quantity is not always the best choice. In democracy, maybe lots of decision made by majority, but we could not know is it better or not.  In foreign policy, actors generally take care on wishes and benefits of majority whether it is best or not. On the other hand, we cannot change the way and understanding of democracy, because there is no other option better than democracy. In my opinion democracy is the best of the worse. For example in “Wag the Dog”, media affected the U.S citizens before the balloting and without realities they had given their votes to the president, because he seemed as a hero of the US – Albanian so-called war and it makes him president again. We could see that, democracy had collapsed; because without realities and political virtues people’s opinion affected and they could not decide properly.

When we think about that democracy is not useful; it becomes just the state of “elites” but i agree the idea of elites, because it will be better than just numbers. For example in Turkey, when we take a look back at history, Demirel was in every area of politics and state. He was a president, prime minister and etc… In my opinion; he could be a good politician but an ideal country needs different perspectives and different person for every each position of a government. It affects the foreign policy decision-making process; because you cannot decide for the sake of majority; because this majority is not pure right and totally do not have the qualifications of ideal democratic state.

Finally, democracy could seem the best but all around the world there is no equality as a democratically, because in democracy everything has to be perfect. If there is a perfect society, government will be perfect but these are not occurred in the past or today. For example a celebrity said that “mine and a shepherd’s vote cannot be count as one!” it was very sarcastic but real criticism of democracy; maybe she does not have the qualifications’ of democracy. Most of the people condemned her but in fact; it is true. If people wants to have perfect state and perfect world; everybody has to do their own job and every normal citizen do not have to join politics. That’s why I thought that democracy has handicaps.


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