Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s attitude in Davos

2013 World Economic Forum has just finished and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan did not attend the meetings since 2009, which popularly known as “one minute” crisis. I am going to talk about the reasons behind Erdogan’s action.

The main reason for the Erdogan’s Davos incident could be the role that installed and adopted by Muslim world. Turkey is the one of the most important country in both Middle East and Muslim World, so rest of the Muslims and Arabic countries thought that Turkey is their role model. Also there is a relationship that comes from historically with the Arabian countries. In their eyes, Turkish Prime Minister is the head of everything and his mission is defending Muslims rights in international areas. Erdogan talked tough against Perez, because of the terrible events among Palestine and Israel. Perez were talking about that Israeli forces have a right to kill Palestinians, so Erdogan gets angry because of his mission, which is the leadership of Muslim world. In my opinion he thought that; he has to show some reaction against Perez. Also on international stage, no one ever tried to stop Israel or no country tries to prevent Palestine. There is no embargo or sanction against Israel, and they are doing whatever they want. Killing innocent people or occupying some parts of Palestinian’s must not be permissible for Israel, because they have no offset to do this, also they do not have any balance. Davos is the place that developed countries come together and they are talking about the economic future of the countries. Significantly, Erdogan’s attitude seems correct, because he have to act in way that he owns in eyes of Muslim and Arab World. Turkey is a Muslim country and the heir of Ottoman Empire. In fact, both historical and religious reasons make Turkey protector and leader of them. He riots against Israeli president because of the concepts that I mentioned above. He stormed out because Perez was talking about Palestinian issue and he was lying in front of the world, so Prime Minister acted like there is no breach or invasion in Palestinian lands. This event will make Erdogan hero in front of the Islam World and Arab Countries but in European and American side, this will led not only some economical problems but also political problems. We can say that he was behaved emotionally but it’s an elegant and efficient motion. The image of Erdogan is become more popular and effective, because there were no leaders behaved like Prime Minister for defending the rights of Muslims and Arabs in front of the international stage.


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